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We intend to try to hold the line on our prices for the 2020 season, following this one excoet for a small increase in Copper Canyon due to rising prices.. For trips that do not include Copper Canyon we average about $150 Canadian or $120 US per day, per rig. Add about $1200 US or $1500 Canadian to trips that include our 4 day - 3 night all inclusive Copper Canyon excursion. Our trips include tours, a lot of meals, some hotels, and all RV parks. In 2020 we intend to run a 30 day Copper Canyon (with a possible extension), an 85 day Yucatan and a 60 day Airstream. You will find we are the cheapest option and the best. We are licensed to legally operate in Mexico and we do not have to use middlemen to provide services.



Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Season prices Prices are per rig/couple

Prices effective as of Oct 1st, 2018

Fall 2018 Copper Canyon / Mazatlan (Feb-Mar) 21 Day: $4749 US, or $5999 CAN (optional stayovers)

Spring 2019 Copper Canyon / Mazatlan (Feb-Mar) 30 Day: $5149 US, or $6425 CAN (optional 5 week stayover)

Spring (Jan) Airstream : $6750 US or $8400 CAN 56 days. This trip is full, express interest in 2020 HERE. You must be a WBCCI club member

Spring 2020 Yucatan dates TBA $1350 Canadian or $ 10,199 US


Special note on Yucatan trips: For Yucatan trips we require an initial $500 US or $600 Can deposit, plus a $1500 US or $2000 Can deposit, one year before departure. Both non-refundable. This is due to the fact we have to reserve and pay for many of the RV parks on this route a year in advance. Unlike other trips, deposits cannot be shifted to the next season, unless we have more than 9 rigs or a wait list.


We usually require a $1000 US or $1200 CDN payment on either May 1 or July 1, depending on the caravan. Final payments are due 120 days before departure. Please read the the Terms page

A declining percentage of this is refundable depending on cancellation date. All may be applied to a tour the following season with a possible percentage penalty.

Important: See terms for our refund policy. Participants will be required to sign a standard waiver of liability before departure, which will also outline our responsibilities to you. You may download a copy of this HERE or in the smaller, finer print version HERE


NOTE: Paying a Deposit will protect you against price increases. If the trip includes Copper Canyon, it may be dropped for a reduction of $1000 US or $1250 Canadian per rig. We can arrange a bass fishing trip for you with a 2-3 couple minimum. Pretty much the same price. We provide high quality meals & tours. We do not skimp.

Final price is set at time of final payment. It will never be higher than the price at time of deposit, but it may well be less. We tend to base our prices on the Canadian dollar which is more stable against the peso. Once you sign up and make a deposit you will pay the lowest price.

We know Mexico far better than any other caravan company, bar none, and we have influence with many politicians here who facilitate a lot of our endeavors. It is not unusual to see the mayor of a city or the State Minister of Tourism show up during our trips and present gifts to our customers.

We aim for 30% less than our competitors and 30% better quality (except for the many other companies we provide services to, of course). If you look at what we offer, you should realize we are the best deal out there.

Our prices are set ahead of season in both US and Canadian dollars so customers who have paid a deposit do not have to be concerned about currency exchange swings. We generally work on the Canadian dollar standard since it tends to keep pace with the Peso.

Deposits are fixed at a flat $500 US or $600 Canadian. We allow a fair amount to be paid in cash at the border.

The minimum number of rigs must be signed up by 3 months prior to departure to run Caravans. If a trip does not run you have the option of a deposit rebate or shift to another trip.

The shorter the trip, the higher the per day costs. Many of our expenses are fixed, such as wagon master & tour guide compensation, so we have less time to spread those costs out on shorter trips. Regardless, our Copper Canyon 30 day tour, for example, is almost identical to another companies and the price is still about $3000 US cheaper. We do not have to contract out, as we are legally licensed to operate as tour guides in Mexico, and have far less overhead, plus we do not indulge in expensive advertising. The quality of the trips are just as good, but you as the customer, get the savings.

The direct link to our deposit payment page is here.