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Mexico RV Caravan - Yucatan

Caravanas de Mexico runs of Airstream Caravans to Mexico

There are 2 Airstream trips planned for 2023. These are booked separate from our normal caravans. Both trips include the Mazatlan Carnival and Copper Canyon.

1) 3 Gems Tour Enters and exits Mexico at Nogales and does a loop of Mainland Mexico as far south as Mexico City & Taxco. It departs Feb 1, 2023 62 Days

2) Road Sea & Rail, enters at Tecate and travels The Baja Penninsula, takes the Ferry across to Mazatlan and travels the West Coast north to Nogales. Note: Ferry fare is extra. Date TBA soon

If you are interested in either of these 2 trips, please email one of these 2 individuals:

3 Gems:(Mainland) Contact Michel Bourassa at [email protected] 

Road, Sea & Rail (Baja) Contact [email protected]

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