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Caravanas de Mexico runs Airstream Caravans to Mexico. These are not running for 2023. In 2024 we are considering 2 trips. Option 1 is a single Airstream Caravan down the Baja in February. The proposal is to merge this in southern Baja with our normal trip, providing the option to cross over on the ferry to see the April 8th solar eclipse or just return north. Either option will be a mixed AS and non AS group after they reach southern Baja. This caravan may, or may not be, a club endorsed one. Option 2 is the 3 Gems which is pretty much the same route as our Colonial. This one does not inlcude the Eclipse, but you can wait about 12 days in Celestino north of Mazatan, and hitch with one of the non AS trips. If we do not run these trips you may swap over to one of the 2 non AS trips that run the same route. If you are ok with that, you should make a deposit at this time. Otherwise you can take your chances these will run and we will let you know when we are sure.

If you have selected an eclipse option, you may view it in either Mazatlan or Durango (high altitude).There will be a $300 surcharge for Durango. Protective glasses will be supplied

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