Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours

BOOK 2025. Note all Baja trips are filing fast and 2 are already full. 2 trips are exclusive to the LTV club, the one in mid Feb is a mixed group and space was still available as of May 15th.  Do not pay a deposit on that one until we contact you. Please note that you are not booked for a trip until you make deposit Your name is simply recorded as a prospect and we will continue to fill trips with customers willing to make a deposit, and you may miss out. A deposit also secures the price which usually rises durning the year.

Book 2026: You can now book 2026 trips. Some are tentative still.

. We cannot at this time support EV trucks or RV's. The infrastratuire is simply not there.

Please read our terms of agreement before booking a trip. They will open in  a new window.

French trips are handled by a separate independent division from English ones and operate with different prices, terms, etc. Information and signups are at the following website:

 Note that we are running Baja LTV trips. They are availalble but there may be a wait list.  For questions, you may email Paul direct using  "[email protected]". NOTE our credit card payment system accepts only Visa and Mastercard. Contact me if you need to use another, like American Express.or Discover.


Is your vehicle licensed in Quebec? It has come to our attention that they are starting to send out registrations that you print out yourself. That is going to cause a problem  with getting a permit. If you are in this situation in Quebec or elsewhere, go to a licensed agent and ask them to print out an official copy for you and preferably stamp it. 

We have an extensive Customer Information Manual. We provide access after you pay a deposit, but if you are still hesitant, I can send it to you. There is an advisory at the top of this page that may help you decide it this is for you. Some trips are easier than others. Yucatan is the most challenging

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Customer Information Manual