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What is it like to travel in an RV caravan? This 12 min video will give you the idea.

Most of our tours in 2024, include or have an option to include, the April 8th total Solar Eclipse. Please note that French trips are handled independently from English ones. If you want information on them, go to our other site at 

What makes us diferent from our competitors?. Well for starters we are pretty well one of only 2 companies running tours on the mainland. The one trip we do similar to theirs costs about $2000 US more. However, it is also 20 days longer, has 10 times the meals included and twice the number of tours included. It is cheaper on a per day basis by a small amount. We are upfront about how many escorted tours and high quality meals you get on each tour. A soggy sandwich and a coke are not part of our tours.  Read through our competitors web site and see if they do the same. Are individual tours and meals laid out there? Do they expect you to car pool to attractions in your own vehicles?  Ask them exactly what is included and what is optional. Our history is in escorted bus tours (we still do them) and that is what we carry over into our RV Caravans. Maybe you just want an escort. In that case some of the almost free trips offered by one or two RV parks in exchange for staying there, are for you. Very little in our tours is an optional add-on. Do they have access to Spanish speaking tour guidesa ll over Mexico if you need assistance? Probably not. We have had to leave people behind before and so has everybody else. What sort of support is provided to you if you find yourself with a breakdown? I am just not marketing when I say we are the best. We are based in Mexico and have access to many more resources and we do not have to contract out. Furthermore we only use professional registered tour guides, not do ad hoc tours led by the Wagon Master, unless they are free extras. Are you going to be in high quality RV parks? To be honest, some are pretty basic, It is Mexico, not Disneyland. We use the best accomodation we can in each area, however. Our company owner, is himself, a fully registered tour guide. We have had many customers who have used our competitors, and most tell us our trips are far better value for money. It's not just a case of "You get what you pay for", it's a case of "You get more than what you pay for" Our prices are on our "Prices" page. See link above.

RV Club Tours 2025. LTV, Roadtrek and Airstream

 - LTV - Baja Click HERE
 - Roadtrek - Yucatan TBA
 - Airstream TBA
 - Other 2025 tours have not had dates finalized, you may sign up for them HERE

The Yucatan/All Mexico  3 Hotels - 28 Tours - 32 Meals

Mexico RV Caravan - Yucatan
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PLANNED Start date Jan 7th, 2024 . 

This is our longest tour, the toughest, but by far, the most interesting. It does involve more dry camping, although we have been adding some hotel stops to minimalize that. This trip may also not be suitable for some larger rigs. You need to talk to us first about your setup. This trip usually ranges between 85 & 92 days. We pride ourselves in taking people to locations they will never see on a normal Mexican vacation, from remote Mayan ruins, to bat caves, to petrified waterfalls. We also stay in an orphange on this trip, providing some opportunites to lend help. The trip starts in Mission, Texas and ends in Lukeville, Arizona. This means you do a complete loop around the country. We generally restrict this trip to 10 rigs, certainly no more than 12. 2024 is different. This is because of the April 8th total solar eclipse. This tour will end in Mazatlan in order to take in this event, however a 3 day exit from there to Nogales or Durango to Texas is included. A longer Copper Canyon exit is optional.


Copper Canyon/Mazatlan, optional extension  3 Hotels - 12 Tours - 18 Meals

Mexico RV Caravan - Copper Canyon

Planned Start Date  Jan 10, 2024. 

We suggest you join the private Facebook page run by our Wagon Master on the 2020 Copper Canyon and Colonial tour, to get an idea of what this trip is like.

This is a 42 Day trip to Copper Canyon & Mazatlan. The rigs are parked in El Fuerte and we take the first class train up to Creel where we spend 3 nights in hotels and tour the canyon. That portion is all-inclusive. For those with pets, we will arrange pet care. Pets (except Seeing Eye Dogs) are not allowed on the train. This tour is much more than just Copper Canyon, we also provide tours in Mazatlan, San Carlos, El Fuerte and Alamos. There is a 2 week beach stay included just north of Mazatlan towards the end of the tour.. There should be an optional tour to the Mazatlan carnival

This trip starts in Nogales, Az and ends in Lukeville or Nogales, Az. (Texas exit option on extension) You will find accounts of the 2020 trip in 2 facebook groups:

For this season there will an option to travel further south from Mazatlan to Costalegre for a long stay. This will place you in Durango for the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse with a Quick exit after. It will add additonal tours in Zacatecas and the Guadalajara area (included). You will cover your own RV parks during the long stay extension, up until .April 1st. From April 2nd (Zacetecas) RV parks will once again be covered until you exit. There is also a Texas exit option on this trip.
The extension increases the trip to 95 days and costs an additional $700.  The RV park in Melaque for example, is about $600 / month.

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72 - 75 Day Colonial and Copper Canyon 6 Hotels - 21 Tours - 28 Meals

Planned start date January 18th
We are running this in 2024. It includes Mazatlan Carnival It will include the April 8th total Solar Eclipse in Durango. It will be  84 days long plus or minus a couple of days. There is both a Nogales and Texas exit option on this tour. 

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Baja Trips   Feb 2024 

This has a separate web site at We are looking at options to go up and over for the eclipse or use the ferry. 

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Long Stay   Early Jan 2024 to early April 2024  

Long stay

This will be an extension off our early Jan Copper Canyon trip, taking in the total solar eclipse on April 8th. There is surcharge for this that is reasonable, however you pay for your own RV park fees during it.

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April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse 

Mexico RV Caravan - Solar Eclipse

Most of our caravans will include this, or an option to include it. There are shorter stand alone trips in early April as well, A 16 or 18 day plus a 24 day that will include Copper Canyon

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Airstream Trips

Mexico RV Caravan - Airstream Caravan

Go to THIS PAGE. There is one mainland trip that DOES NOT include the Eclipse

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