Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours


Prices are PER RIG and based on 2 people. This is pricing for 2025 Trips .  A deposit fixes your price. We often raise them duing the year, especially as the peso is growing stonger. Fix the price ceiling by paying  a deposit. You can find our payment schedule for trips HERE (new window). Prices rise 15% on May 15. Starting with the 2024 Season we are now pricing our trips in US Dollars, not both US and Canadian dollars.  Canadians may, however, pay in the equivalent Canadian dollars at the current rate, on the date of payment. They do not have to pay in USD. The current fixed deposit amounts are$1500 US or $2000 Canadian. Canadians do not have to worry about losing money due to the buy-sell rate differentials. That saves you about 2 cents on the dollar. We can handle both currencies.

There is a widget further down this page that will provide the current Canadian equivalent to the USD. When a Canadian makes a payment, they will be credited with the current USD equivalent of their payment. Any refunds will be in the amounts and currency you made any payments in.

STARTING WITH 2025 TRIPS, WE WILL DISCOUNT 2% ON PAYMENTS NOT MADE BY CREDIT CARD, EXCEPT FOR THE INITIAL DEPOSIT. That will come off the final payment. If you wish to send a check there is both a US and Canadian address you may use. This is all explained in the deposit page you will be redirected to after sign up, or you may also contact Paul for details on how to make out a check or do an e-transfer. [email protected].


Some people prefer to make payments rather than lump sums. We expect about 50% worth by around July 1st, often later. We do not split hairs. You may make that at the following link or you may make intermittent payments using the same link. We will keep track, but you should do so as well. It is good to avoid any errors. We convert Canadian payments to USD at the going rate at the time of payments (We use the book rate not buy/sell).

Here is the Payment Link When we see a payment come through, we will email a list of all your payments so far. If you wish to mail a personal check or use a Canadian e-transfer, you need to contact Paul at [email protected] for instructions. We accept checks written in both USD or CAD.


Why use our company?

If you compare us with our competitors, you will find that we cost more (except for Fantasy). It is hard to compare as routes and times vary, but generally speaking, our overhead is higher as we provide more services and included activities. We do not blindside with "optionals".

1) Compare the number of local tours and meals included (as opposed to optional). We provide more high quality meals. We do not cheap out.

2) We use fully qualified bilingual tour guides for our tours. Some even have Phd's. We do not rely on our Wagon Masters to provide local tours.

3) Some of our competitors do not use (mechanic) tailgunners. We utilize the Green Angels on many, if not most segments. They are similar to AAA. We have an inside track to call them, when we are not using them.

4) We are based in Mexico and we speak Spanish. If someone breaks down and we have to leave them, in a worst case scenario we can call on one of our many bilingual tour guides to assist, and then use the Green Angels to catch you up with the caravan.

5) We have the connections with the police to deal with any problems involving them.

6) We are the only company technically operating legally in Mexico. We pay Mexican taxes which can amount to about 16%. We do have some ways to offset some of those and keep costs lower.

7) We are well equipped to deal with breakdows, border issues, etc in ways that other companies cannot.

Here is the currency exchange widget for Canadians, Note this is book rate, you not get nailed with the buy and sell rate difference.

Singles discounts are not as large as you may think as we provide private rooms in hotels and have to  pay the same rate for RV Parks. We save on meals and that is about it. Discount for Baja and Copper Canyon is $250, Colonial is $400, Yucatan is $750. We also discount former customers ranging from $300 to $1000, depending on trip length. If you have taken a trip over 35 days in length the discount is 7%, for trips under 35 days, the discount is 5%. Max $1000, min $300. Combined trips in one season may also be discounted.

Enter the US/Can exchange:  (Note this tool was way out at least one time in the past, so don't take it as gospel.) 

Most schedules as of Jan 1, 2024 still need to be set, prices will be pro-rated if length of trip changes

Currency Converter

Click HERE to convert Canadian to USD


Spring 2025 Yucatan approx 90 Days $14,400 US based on 90 days. 

Yucatan - What's Included?

Spring 2025 Copper Canyon 31 Days
$6850 US, 

Copper Canyon - What's Included?

Spring 2025 Copper Canyon/Colonial approx 70 Days
This trip is not running in 2025.

Colonial - What's Included?

Spring 2025 Baja 
$5600 US, Mid feb 37 Days

Baja - What's Included?

If you wish cancelation insurance, information may be found at  Insurance. It is not a bad idea, we have had at least 2 customers claim on this in the past. 

The direct link to our deposit payment page, if you have previously filled out the sign up form, is HERE.