Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours


Before you sign up for one of our tours, you must realize that Mexico is not the US or Canada. We do not try to blindside anyone, but people who know what to expect have a far better time than those who are not informed. We are not trying to discourage you, just educate you on what to expect. Even though we try to get this across, we always have people who tell us we did not warn them that they would have to do some dry camping, only have 15 amp hookups at times, and that sort of thing. So here it is again. Do not expect RV resorts. You may get one or 2, but RV park development in Mexico is in its early stages. There may be spots where you have issues getting into, especially if you are not that skilled at backing up trailers, for eg. Larger rigs are harder. If you are single with a large rig like a 5th wheel or a super C, or larger motorhome you may find it difficult as you do not have a spotter. We occasionally have an ex semi driver or bus driver who has no issue at all, but many people are used to only having to park in drive through spots which are rare down here. You have to take courses to drive a bus or semi, but you can buy and operate an RV that is the same size with no training. You also have to be prepared to be on time. We depart at 8 AM on most segments for a reason, not because we are sadists. It allows us more time to deal with unexpected issues like flats. We cannot hold up an entire caraavn if you break down or something like that, but we will arrange the Green Angels (Like AAA) or a tour guide to catch you up with your group. This will be at your expense. Or we can provide detailed instructions so you can catch up yourself, if you have the confidence to do that. We do not like breakdowns, so we ask you to take your rig to a mechainc and check it out. We have had flats, ball joints, suspension, brakes and other issues that could have all been avoided with proper pre-trip maintenance. We have several driving rules designed to hopefully avoid any accidents and we expect you to follow those.


Customer Code of Behavior

It is unfortunate we even have to implement this, but we have had some customers in the past who misbehave and damage the enjoyment of the trip for everyone else and even participate in risky behavior. Part of the issue is that people are in their own rigs (read house) and sometimes intentionally or unintentionally behave in a manner they never would on another type of tour such as a cruise. There are people out there who should never go on a caravan and you probably know who you are. A caravan, especially one in Mexico, is structured and has rules. That is the way it has to be both for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. If you feel you cannot follow any rules, then we prefer you do not sign up.

On nearly all caravans, people are reasonable and co-operative, so there is seldom an issue.

Rule #1: The Wagon Master is in charge. Period !! The Wagon Master makes all decisions and is the only one to deal with our tour contractors on the road. They are open to suggestions, not orders.

Rule #2: Trying to short circuit the Wagon Master, doing things such as trying to bribe contractors to alter itineraries, or bribing them to take your dog along, and those sort of things are grounds for expulsion from the caravan.

Rule #3: Keep drinking under control especially on evenings before a travel day.

Rule #4: Park in the RV park, in the spot the Wagon Master allocates

Rule #5: Retain your spot in the group on the road as much as possible. Do not try to take over control from the Wagon Master. It is not tolerated.

Rule #6: Do not bribe police. If stopped, let the Wagon Master or Green Angels deal with it.

Rule #7: If in an accident, do not move your rig. Follow the Wagon Masters instructions.

Rule #8: If you decide to go off on your own for a day trip, tell the Wagon Master where you intend to go and your estimated time of return. Have a cell phone.

Rule #9: Be ready to leave at the time scheduled the evening before.

Rule #10: You are expected to cross the border with a full tank of fuel, and top up at every fuel stop. There is a very good reason behind this rule, and if you need to make an unexpected fuel stop because you did not top up, it will be your responsibility to catch up with the group.

Rule #11: Do not wander off on a tour (go to an ATM for eg) without letting the tour guide or Wagon Master know.

Rule #12: Anyone caught with firearms or non prescription drugs (except over the counter) will be expelled immediately. This includes marijuana, which is in the process of becoming legal in Mexico, but can still cause issues with the police.

Rule #13: Everybody sticks together unless instructed otherwise by the Wagon Master. For example during a breakdown. We do not leave customers alone with no support.

Rule #14: A GPS can be notoriously inaccurate in Mexico and not RV friendly. They may be useful if you get separated or lost, but the Wagon Master knows the way, not your GPS

Rule #15: Votes on route or tour changes are not allowed, unless initiated by the Wagon Master. The Wagon Master makes all decisions on route or individual tour alterations


Very Important

This is related to Rule #8. Please be aware that if you leave the caravan without the express permission of the Wagon Master, you will be expelled from it, with no compensation. This is related to safety and stress on the Wagon Master worrying about the safety of someone who has departed on a temporary basis. This does not mean you have to ask permission to go for dinner at a restaurant, go to the store or laundry, and that sort of thing. It refers to heading off on your own to another RV park or location. As long as the Wagon Master has provided the OK, you may rejoin the caravan further on, but you have to be aware that while you are gone, you are 100% on your own. This is covered in the waiver you sign. You should inform the Wagon Master where and when you intend to rejoin so he can properly plan for tour numbers and RV spots. Keep in regular touch with him by cell.

If you have a dog, please read our DOG RULES