April 2024 Solar Eclipse

Mexico RV Caravans

July 24,2022 Note. These trips are getting full. The Yucatan trip is full. Over the next week, I will be correlating all the signups and determining how many more we can accept. We may add more trips.  Fill out the form at the page bottom and pay a deposit. We will get you on one of the trips, even if it is not your preference. 

Some of our regular tours will be timed for the eclipse. They have space: Copper Canyon (plus extension) and Colonial. See tours page. For those, use the regular booking form, not the one below.

We are ready to present our options & prices for the 2024 Eclipse. Final prices will be posted in 2023. The current prices are valid as of Sept 12, 2021 for those who have already paid a deposit.

Please note that all prices are in US dollars. We do accept Canadian currency, but Canadian prices will be set in mid 2023 according to the exchange rate then. There may some tweaks to schedules in 2023. Prices listed here may be adjusted a bit, if days, tours, or meals are added or deleted due to scheduling issues.

There may be some possible quicker exit options depending on our other caravans exiting at the time, We will adjust final payment accordingly in early 2024. A Texas exit option may be possible depending on circumstances and Wagon masters, but it may be with a French group. Everthing will be finalized by mid 2023.


1) A 16 day caravan with beach time and 4 tours / 4 meals
2) A 25 day caravan with 10 tours, including a trip by train to Copper Canyon / 16 meals
There may be a shorter exit option available with  the Yucatan group, we will adjust prices, if so.
3) An  85 day Yucatan  - all Mexico caravan (FULL with wait list)
4) An optional side trip to Durango and back for the eclipse (High altitude, low light pollution.
5) A 31 day Copper Canyon trip in january with an optional long term beach stay that will include the Eclipse. This caravan will probably view the Eclipse in Durango or Torreon, then exit via Texas. 
6) A Copper Canyon/Colonial trip in January that will also include teh trip (approx 75 day)

Shorter term Caravans will leave Nogales Az (April 1-4) and return to Nogales.

There are participation limits for all tours, and only those who pay a deposit are booked, on a "first come first serve" basis. Those who have already paid deposits are first in line.

Any additional caravans, if they are possible, will be arranged at later date, depending on facilities and personnel available.

All caravans will involve some dry camping. Serious  Astronomy buffs may prefer Durango. It is located inland at 7000 ft and has very low light pollution. The eclipse coincides with a new moon, so Astronomy should be excellent. It will cost a bit more. We have to cover the Wagon Master, Green Angel escort, Tour Guide, and security at the dry camp location. It is a rather expensive toll road to get there. It is, however, a stunning drive. Durango spots are first come - first serve, with a proposed maximum of 20 rigs. This may be raised depending on a another vacant lot being available. The chances of clear skies are the same for either location, just under 60%. It is a new moon, so Durango with its lower light pollution and high altitude is for better night astronomy and, of course, you get to transit the spectacular Devils Backbone Toll Road. Extra cost is $300 USD based on 3 nights up there

The Mazatlan groups will relocate to a dry camp at Concordia. This town is about 30 minutes inland where sea mist and fog should not cause an issue

The odds of clear skies on April 8th are the same for Mazatlan & Durango, just under 60%. The map below indicates clear sky probability, blue being best, red worst.

2024 solar eclipse 2

Deposits (Please note final Prices and Dates are not in stone until 2023)

Initial Deposits to secure your spot are $400 USD or $500 CAN for all trips. Once we have a standby list we may allow deposit transfers. Larger deposits will be required in 2023. These initial ones enable us to book RV parks.  Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your preferences.

Already made a deposit?

You should be on the list, we will double check your preferences closer ro 2024.

Yucatan caravan participants may return with their own group (exit Mexico on April 12th) or add on either the 16 - Day or 25 - Day program at a reduced price.

Permits and Insurance

You will require a permit for your Vehicle/RV to enter Mexico, and Mexican Insurance. For insurance, we recommend Lewis & Lewis, and they will give you a 10% discount as one of our customers. There are 2 types of permits, One for motorized vehicles towing or being towed, and one for RV's (Trailers Class A's etc.). They cost about $60 US. Please note you cannot get a permit if you have Mexican "Residente Permanente" status. You also cannot get permit for an HDT (Semi type truck towing a 5th wheel). F-450's and F-550's can be an issue but we can likely work around that. You will receive an 180 permit for vehicles towing or towed. You will be charged a $400 deposit which is refundable. Class A's, B's & C's, plus 5th wheels and trailers, will get a 10 year permit, no deposit required. Truck Campers, motorcycles, ATV's, cargo trailers are special cases, you need to talk to Paul at "[email protected]", and he will explain how to handle those.

Please note, there are no previous customer discounts for these trips, except the Yucatan Caravan. Prices may vary a bit, but no more than 5%.

16 Day caravan - Max 15 rigs  CURRENTLY FULL
4 tours 4 meals
$2800 USD, $150 single discount

- April 2nd - Rendezvous Desert Diamond Casino I-19 south of Tucson
- April 3rd - Cross border, drive to San Carlos - Welcome dinner
- April 4th - Drive to Los Mochis
- April 5th - Drive to Mazatlan
- April 6th - Mazatlan - Pulmonia Tour- lunch
- April 7th - Move to dry camping eclipse area in Concordia
- April 8th - Eclipse day, drive back to Mazatlan
- April 9th - Mazatlan
- April 10th - Mazatlan - Country tour - lunch
- April 11th - Drive to Los Mochis
- April 12th - Drive to Huatabampito (beach)
- April 13th - Huatabampito
- April 14th - Drive to San Carlos - Farewell dinner
- April 15th - Tour in San Carlos
- April 16th - Drive to Rancho Betania, pot luck dinner
- April 17th - Drive to USA

25 Day caravan (Copper Canyon) - Max 15 rigs. SPACE AVAILABLE
10 tours, 16 meals, 3 nights hotel  at Copper Canyon
$4950 USD $150 single discount (note may be 26 days)

- April 1st - Rendezvous Desert Diamond Casino I-19 south of Tucson
- April 2nd - Cross border, drive to San Carlos - Welcome dinner
- April 3rd - Drive to Los Mochis
- April 4th - Drive to Mazatlan
- April 5th - Mazatlan 
- April 6th - Mazatlan - Pulmonia Tour - lunch
- April 7th - Move to dry camping eclipse area in Concordia
- April 8th - Eclipse day, drive back to Mazatlan
- April 9th - Mazatlan
- April 10th - Mazatlan - Country tour - lunch
- April 11th - Mazatlan
- April 12th - Drive to El Fuerte, El Zorro Dinner Show - dinner
- April 13th - Train to Creel, lunch and dinner & hotel
- April 14th - Tarahumara Tour, breakfast, lunch, hotel
- April 15th - CC tour, cable car, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel
- April 16th - Train to El Fuerte breakfast and lunch
- April 17th - Free day
- Apirl 18th - Nature boat trip, petroglyphs, Mayo Indian village, brunch
- April 19th - Drive to Huatabampito (beach)
- April 20th - Huatabampito
- April 21st - Drive to Alamos
- April 22nd - Alamos Tour - lunch - Musicians eve walk
- April 23rd - Drive to San Carlos - Farewell meal
- April 24th - Santa Ana Potluck and campfire
- April 25th - Drive to USA

Note this trip may have some adjustments to match train schedule
Pets are not allowed on train, except seeing eye dogs, but we arrange pet care.

You must choose one of the exit options below for the Yucatan Caravan, as it officially ends on April 9th in Mazatlan, not Nogales. This is to allow flexibility
1) 4 day quick exit $400 USD  (note this may vary, it may be 5 Days, count on $100 a day, no tours, one meal) $150 a day for NON Yucatan participants. Cross into US April 12-13
2) 16 day caravan exit (actually will be 7 days northbound) $1000 USD
3) 25 day Copper Canyon exit (actually will be 16 days northbound) $3500 USD 

Note We will provide access to the 2022 Yucatan schedule upon request, so you get an idea of what this trip involves.

Durango Option - Max 20 rigs
Price $300 based on 3 days up there.

- April 6th - Drive Mazatlan to San Juan hot springs near Durango
- April 7th - Durango city tour (in lieu of tours in Mazatlan) 
- April 8th - Early drive to dry camp at Guadalupe Aguilera ( 1.25 hours)
- April 9th - Back to Mazatlan or Celestino
- April 10th - re join Yucatan for those customers,  or 14 or 24 day tour group.


We have to price 3 nights camping in Mazatlan into the price for this option, even though you won't be there. This is to ensure we can maintain the spots.

Colonial Caravan and Copepr Canyon with extension will do quick exit on April 10th. These have plenty of room still


Below are some photos of the 3 trips. The Mazatlan - Durango Highway is an expensive toll highway, but it is one of the world's most spectacular drives. There are over 115 bridges, the Baluarte Bridge is the world's second highest (almost 2000 ft) - we can stop on it. There are also 61 tunnels, one of them 3 km long.

Mexico RV Caravan - San Carlos
Mayo Dancing
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - Huatabampito
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - Alamos
Copper Canyon
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - San Carlos
Cable Car
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - Huatabampito
Durango Hwy
Baluarte Bridge
Mexico RV Caravan - Alamos
Copper Canyon
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - San Carlos
El Fuerte 
24 - day
Mexico RV Caravan - Huatabampito
All caravans
Mexico RV Caravan - Alamos
Typical Toll Highway
2024 solar eclipse 3
2024 solar eclipse 4
2024 solar eclipse 5


These are the 2 dry camp locations, Concordia and Guadalupe Aguilera. They are  near Mazatlan and Durango, respectively, in the path of totality. Sign up using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Placeholder Picture

Note: the form below is for stand alone trips only. Use the regular booking form (nav bar at top) to book for regular trips that include the eclipse.