Baja RV Caravans

Baja  RV Caravans

Baja trips

We are gearing up to present Baja trips starting with the 2021 season. We are tentatively planning a  trip April, 2021, but are also booking for 2022. (Jan) The price is still to be determined but will be competative.  Caravanas de Mexico has been operating RV Caravans on the mainland for several years, both for ourselves and acting as middlemen for other companies. We are  a legally registered Mexican Tour Company, the only one operating caravans anywhere in Mexico. We have strong ties especially to Canada,  including Quebec, and we set pricing in Canadian dollars. We are  in a unique position to run unequalled caravans at a reasonable price. We have a network of qualified bilingual tour guides all over Mexico and access to infrastructure no Canadian or American based RV caravan company has. This includes access to the Green Angels (like AAA) to accompany our caravans.  You may express interest in one of these trips by filling out the form under the "Book" tab above. Do not pay any deposit at this time.



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