Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours



NOTE: Note prices on 2024 trips have been set, subject to some changes if trip length is altered as is likely with some.

Trips may be a bit longer than indicated on the form below as some have to be timed to meet the eclipse. Schedules will be worked out in January 2023. We are looking at a ferry option for Spring Baja. That trip will depart in February instead of January.

Before you can sign up, you have to acknowlege you have read, and agree to the following. All open in a new window.

1) Code of behavior- read here

2) Are you bringing a dog? - read here

3) You need to agree to our terms - read here

4) Protecting yourself - read here


Yucatan trips for 2024 have 3 spaces (Jan 15,2023). Do not pay a deposit for them, email Paul at [email protected], to check availability. Baja, Copper Canyon and Colonial have space as of jan 15, 2023. You should also first email for availability on stand alone eclipse trips in April.



1) We do not expect Covid vaccination restrictions to be in place, but we do prefer if you are vaccinated, and you will have tinform the Wagon Master if you are not, and you may be restricted from some tours if they themselves have restrictions in place..

2) You have Residente Permanente status in Mexico. (contact us for details, may not affect Baja trips, or if you already have a 10 year TIP on a motorhome)

3) You have a truck larger than a 1 ton, or an HDT (contact us, it should not affect Baja trips)

4) You have a criminal record (may not matter, depending)

5) You are unwilling to leave your gun at home or intend to bring illicit drugs.

6) You are unwilling to follow any mask instructions that may be imposed at times by the Wagon Master or facilities in Mexico. These will likely not be necessary for 2024.

7) Your vehicle is company owned (even your own), or in a trust, or has a lien on it from a financial institution. Contact us first for details on how to handle those issues. Do not book until you do.

8) You want one of the Airstream trips. Those are booked on the Airstream Page


We also encourage you to read our extensive information document. We will provide a link to download it once you make a deposit.



If you are trying to book for the 2024 Eclipse stand alone trips and would like more information first, please click HERE

Any trips including the eclipse are going to fill fast

The default exit for Baja and/or Baja airstream (with ferry) is the quick 3 day exit. we will accomodate the 7 day or copper canyon exit if space is available.


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NOTE: If the form will not submit, scroll to the top and check for an error message. If you still have issues, e-mail [email protected]

We are now full for the Durango option unless you are signing up for Colonial or Copper Canyon (with Extension). The option is wait list for any other trips

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NOTE: If the form will not submit, scroll to the top and check for an error message. If you still have issues, e-mail [email protected]