Mexico RV Caravan Tours

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This is for 2022 trips

Initial Deposit of $1000 - All Caravans

Pay by E-transfer? Send to [email protected] . Use "who is your spouse" as the question- answer Gabriel.


Note: Deposit for the Fall Baja-Spring Copper Canyon is $1500 Can. Please contact me at [email protected] and we will invoice you if both trips collectively have availability.

Copper Canyon Trips - $6899

Colonial Trips - TBA

Yucatan Trips - $14,900

2024 Solar Eclipse

Deposit $500

If the only option is a check, Paul, the customer orientation rep, can accept those, but since he is only contracted by the company, he does not like to handle any of its funds, for his own protection. Under circumstances where this is the only option, he will hold the money in trust, give you a personal receipt, and submit it to the company once the trip begins. Contact [email protected] for his address.