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Newsletter # 14 Aug 29, 2020


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Due to Covid 19, these newsletters have been fewer, so this is a catch up


Covid 19

As I am sure we are all aware, Covid 19 has thrown everyone's plans for next season for a loop. Now we are almost into September we have a bit better understanding, but things are still uncertain. So in point form, here is what we know:

1) It is almost certain that the US/Canada border will remain closed until there is either a vaccine or the problem in the US comes down to a similar level of that of Canada. We think the latter is unlikely, so as things stand right now, we do not believe Canadians will be able to transit the US in their RVs until at least February. This pretty much elimates our French Caravans, for starters.

2) We feel it is unlikely any of our caravans will be able to run at their scheduled dates. We hope to be able to run them later if there is a vaccine, effective treatment, or it goes away on its own.

a) The 60 day Airsteam caravan can be delayed as late as mid Feb. E-mail Michel Bourassa at [email protected] for info on that one.

b) Yucatan can be delayed until late January

c) Baja and Copper Canyon can run as late as April

We are taking no deposits at this time, but you may still book at

We are considering a destination caravan to Telaquepaque RV Park in Lo De Marcos (North of PV) in early January. This RV Park is used for our normal French Canadian destination caravans, but they will probably not be able to happen, because of the Canadian border closure. We are therefore considering using our reservations there for a destination caravan of 2-3 months for Americans, or Candians who have their RV already in the US or Mexico. This would probably depart from either Laredo or Mission, Texas and take 3-4 days to transit there. It would remain in its own bubble, with fairly restrictive rules on activities. It would mainly be a destination in the sun. This is a large modern RV park with excellent hookups, 2 pools and a large outdoor restaurant on site. We may do things like arrange for grocery deliveries, etc. to maximize safety. You will be expected to follow some strict guidelines and wear masks at times. IF we do this, we will have details on our website by early November at latest at . We will send out a bulk mail to everyone on this list, with a sign up link.

We maintain a Covid info page at


Telaquepaque RV Park

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Blog Website

We have a new web site for Blogs and Articles. You may find it at


Help for Melaque

The town of Melaque, Jalisco has been hit by a very bad tropical storm. This town is a regular stop on our caravans. This storm has done more damage & flooding than 2 previous hurricanes due the massive rainfall over just a couple of hours. The entire town is flooded. People need both food and clothing. The town does rely a lot on tourism, and with Covid, that does not look promising this year. I am raising funds to assist them. If you want to help out, you may E-Transfer me if you are Canadian, or you can paypal me, or mail me a check in either US or Canadian funds.

1) To e-transfer: Send it to [email protected] and send a separate email to me with the answer to the challenge question

2) To use paypal, use [email protected]

3) Mail a check in either US or Canadian funds to Paul Beddows, 38-34959 Old Clayburn Road, Abbotsford, BC, Canada, V2S 6W7 made out to Paul Beddows.


I will get all collected money to Adrianna Pimienta who is in Melaque and will be orgainzing aid. Any amount helps, and it adds up.

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