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Newsletter # 15 Dec 29, 2020


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Due to Covid 19, these newsletters have been fewer, so this is a quick catch up


Covid 19 and next seasons caravans

As I am sure we are all aware, Covid 19 has thrown everyone's plans for this spring for a loop. This is true for our entire company. We have felt it is unsafe to take anyone into Mexico and have suspended our operations accordingly. Our Customers safety comes first.

As a result we have moved our 2021 Yucatan trip to January 2022. That trip is effectively full from 2021 customers pushing forward, but if you are interested, sign up anyway, Just don't pay a deposit, we will contact you.

We are looking into the possibility of running a 30 day Copper Canyon Trip and Baja Trip in April, IF Covid vaccine deployments allow it. I am not too hopeful, however.

Right now it looks looks like a 37 day Fall Baja trip in early November will happen if we have enough interest, otherwise a Copper Canyon and Baja trip in January 2022 are scheduled. Dates are to be determined.

2 Airstream trips are planned, a 60 day Mainland trip in January or February, and Baja trip in January or February. We have not yet set dates on those either. They are booked through the Airstream club. Contact Michel Bourassa at [email protected] for more information.


We will be finalizing all schedules once we are past the Covid crisis.


Total Solar Eclipse 2024


We are planning several trips for the total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 in Mazatlan and Durango. The Yucatan loop in this year will also cover this event, and that trip is almost completely booked up already. The other shorter trips are also booking up quickly.

Rather than explain it all here, take a look at the webpage for it at A $400 US or $500 Canadian deposit is required, but we anticipate a standby list for these trips. If you have to back out, we will do our best to transfer your deposit to a standby.


So there it all is, short and sweet. Hopefully we will be back to a normal newsletter once this nightmare is over.




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