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Newsletter # 18 July 20, 2021


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Note this short edition just deals with our upcoming caravans and the covid situation etc.


Caravan Status

Yucatan - Full with 4 wait listed 2 American, 2 Canadian

Fall Baja - Full no wait listed

Copper Canyon - Technically Full but we can handle 3 more

Spring Baja - about 4 spaces left

Copper Canyon Extension

We will look at a Copper Canyon extension if enough interest. This can take one of 2 forms

1) A full 30 day colonial West Coast extension with tours

2) A long stay in the Melaque area (North of Manzanillo). A 2 or 3 day escort down from Mazatlan in Feb with myself, returning with the secondary wagon master from the Yucatan loop at the end of March or thereabouts.


Baja options

Those on the Fall Baja should be able to stay down and return with Spring. There is also an option to combine Fall Baja with Spring Copper Canyon. Also, those on Copper Canyon may be able to return north with the Yucatan group if they wish to stay on. It has to be prearranged in most cases.


The Covid Situation

Unless you are on another planet, I am sure everyone is aware of the issue with the Delta Variant. This is of concern both in Mexico and the US. It does appear as if the current vaccines privide protection against this and we are still planning to operate because of that. On that basis we have decided to make it compulsory that our cutomers be fully vaccinated. This is mainly because we do not want to have to deal with a serious case of hospitalization, and 99% of our customers are expecting us to do this and support that decision. We do realize this may inconvenience some prospects.

The Wagon Master on each trip will decide on protocols and we expect participants to follow his direction on things like wearing a mask in grocery stores and that sort of thing. We will urge every customer to avoid crowded indoor places like bars and restaurants. Fortunately there are tons of ourdoor or semi outdoor options for those. It all depends on the conditions at the time. Even if vaccinated, it is prudent to remain cautious.

The Canadian border

This is going to re-open on August 6th for fully vaccinated visitors. The Americans are expected to reciprocate shorty afterwards for southbound. Before our Canadian customers start to get excited, the government has made it clear this will reverse if cases in Canada start to surge, so the uncertianly remains hanging over our heads. We expect it all to be OK, but for those Americans on wait lists, slots will obviously become available if Canadians cannot transit the US in time..








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