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Newsletter # 19 Aug 28, 2021


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Caravan Status

As things stand right now, all caravans are full, except for Spring Baja which has one space.


There are some caveats:

If the US Canada border is not open by Oct 21st, Some Canadians will not be able to make the Fall Baja. We are holding some positions open on Spring for them, Therefore vacancies on both caravans are flexible, so go on the wait list

If the US Canada border is not open by January, Canadians will not be able to make either the Yucatan or Copper Canyon trip. Yucatan can still run with only Americans. Copper Canyon is top heavy with Canadians. We can shift it into February.


The Covid Situation

Like everyone else, we have concerns over Covid 19, and we postponed last season because of it. However, there are now effective vaccines against it and we require all our customers to be fully vaccinated. In fact if you can get a 3rd booster before your trip, that is even better. Do not feel guilty about depriving a 3rd world country by getting a booster, an unused vaccine in the US is likely to go into the medical waste bin. By all means feel guilty and make a donation to UNICEF, which will get more vaccines abroad. See  Article. We do advise customers to pretend they are not vaccinated, and act accordingly. In other words avoid crowded bars, etc. and wear a mask when in crowded locations. The chart below which shows the stats for Canada, which should ease concerns. I should also point out that deaths among the fully vaccinated are nearly always individuals over 80 or those with underlying conditions.


The Canadian border

This is still closed southbound until Sept 21st at least. It won't start to impact our operations unless is it still closed after Oct 21st.


Texas Crossings

At this time it is not advised to use the Reynosa, Brownville or Laredo Crossings. We advise using Eagle Pass and heading south on Hwy 57 or other crossings to the west. No issues with Arizona or California crossings. There are some Cartel issues in the NE.


Vehicle Permits

Stickers are no longer issued, at least if you obtain them on line, You are now given a letter to keep in your glove box..







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