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Newsletter #22 April 29, 2022

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It has been a long time since our last newsletter. This was a busy season. At least that is our excuse.


This was our first season running Baja Caravans. We ran one in Fall, one in Spring, an Airstream one in Spring and a French language one in late Spring. I am happy to say all were successful with only the Airstream one having any snags to deal with. Caravans in Baja are for the most part easier.

Covid 19:

The good news is that Covid has been on the decline in Mexico over the season. We did have one or 2 positives, but vaccinations were compulsory and no issues we could not deal with, ensued. We may or may not have a vaccination policy in place for next season, it really depends on how the pandemic develops or de-develops (hopefully).


Fuel Prices are now generally cheaper in Mexico than the US. They are being subsidized, at least for now. When Ii left Mexico in early April, the prices were just over $4 a gallon US or $1.40 Can a liter.

RV Parks:

Most RV Parks seem to have survived the non-season in 2020/2021. A lot of them were full or close to it, so things appear to be bouncing back again.

Price Increases:

The prices of our tours go up May 1st. This does not apply to previous customers or those who have made a deposit. Canadain Prices are going up more, as the Canadian dollar has dropped aginst the US. The increases are due to inflation in Mexico. RV Parks, meals, tours, etc are all going up for us. Readers of this newsletter have a reprieve. Our current price structure will stay in place for any reservations prior to May 30th if you enter the code "Caravan Newsletter" in the comments field

New regulations:

A problem customer on our Yucatan tour this season has caused us to clamp down a bit. I should point out that the Wagon Master has the prerogative to ease some of these rules with a well behaved group. However, they are now in place, just in case. Here are the links to both.


Code of Conduct




On the subject of Yucatan, a couple on that trip this season have produced an excellent set of videos and are still adding them. We have put them on our web site at Videos . Well done and entertaining. This trip was one of the most difficult we have done. A few trying incidents. What it did illustrate is that we are the caravan compnay best able to deal with the unforeseen. We access to language skills, resources and contacts that non of our competitors do.


Caravan availability:

First of all the Yucatan trips for 2023 and 2024 are "technically full". I think we may be able to open up 1 slot for 2023. For 2024 which is a trip combined with the 2024 solar eclipse, I think there may be 2 openings. One is a couple that has to withdraw, and we will allow a deposit substitution in their case. If that interests you, email me at [email protected] and I will put you in touch. It is only actually a 1/2 deposit of $400 US or $500 Can. The second half is due next year.

We are running these trips: Note dates may be shifted one or 2 days either way

Fall Baja 35 days (departure date Nov 11 - Itinerary still being set)

Spring Baja 36 days (departure Jan 6 - Itinerary still being set)

Spring Copper Canyon 30-31 days (departure Jan 10th), see

Spring Copper Canyon / Colonial 65 days (departure Jan 17th) see

Note: you may combine Fall Baja with either Jan Copper Canyon or Jan Colonial for a significant discount

Spring Yucatan, departure January 5th. Contact me personally about this one, do not place a deposit. [email protected] or 604-852-1342

There are 2 Airstream caravans, contact Michel at [email protected] for info. One is a mainland trip following almost the same route as the Colonial caravan, the other a combined Baja-ferry-mainland trip


Solar Eclipse tours

We are no longer taking deposit for our April 2024 total solar eclipse tours at this point. Not until we can determine if we can shoehorn another one in there. There may be 1 or 2 slots available on the Yucatan tour as I mentioned above. You may still sign up, but you will be wait listed and the tour may be of a differing length, and may be a different route.


RV Lifestyle seminars :

These run at Okanagan college in Kelowna, BC from Friday afternoon June 17 until Monday the 20th. They are excellent and some seminars go into depth with RV troubleshooting and maintenance. There is a wine & cheese Friday night, great entertainment on Saturday night and a full buffet meal on Sunday Night. Dry camping is free. I will be there doing 2 seminars. RVing in Mexico and Retiring in Mexico. Kelowna is 90 min north of the US border at Oroville.

RV Lifestyles Seminars Note price is in Canadian dollars. It works out to about $180 US.


New Brochure :

We have a new brochure. It may be downloaded at brochure . Only one spelling error. You always find one after you've sent it off to the printers.






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