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Newsletter #25 Jan 23, 2023

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This newsletter is dedicated to Caravans running next season, most of which will include the April 8th total Solar Eclipse



The Eclipse - April 8, 2024

This eclipse is the most significant one in North America remaining in our lifetimes. In Mexico, it is close the maximum period of totality possible. In this case, just a shade under 5 minutes. Although it crosses the US and Canada, from Texas to Newfoundland, it is not at the most ideal time of the year for clear skies. The best bet for those are in Mexico. The path of the eclipse includes the cities of Mazatlan, Durango and Torreon. Obviously accommodation in Mazatlan, especially will be at a premium.

To get underneath the center line of the Eclipse, we will be parking caravans at Concordia, a bit inland from Mazatlan and in a small town about an hour north of Durango. That will be for the day of the eclipse and 1 or 2 nights. We have obtained enough protective glasses for everyone.

This eclipse corresponds with a new moon so nighttime astronomy, especially at a high altitude location with no light pollution (Durango) should be spectacular.

So trips next season will run later to take advantage of this.

Stand alone trips

There will be 3 standalone trips running April 1 or 2nd out of nogales:

1) A 16 day trip including the Eclipse and a few stops northbound with tours

2) A 18 day trip, same as the 16 day adding 2 nights in Celestino just north of Mazatlan. This is designed to separate numbers

3) A 24 day trip that includes a 6 day Copper Canyon excursion northbound, plus other tours.

Yucatan (early January)

This is the normal 90 day + trip, except this season it will officially end in Mazatlan after the Eclipse. Participants then have the option of a quick 3 day exit or a 16 day exit that merges with the stand alone Copper Canyon trip above.

Copper Canyon and Copper Canyon with extension (early-mid January)

The normal 31 day copper canyon trip will run and not include the Eclipse. The extension is a long term beach stay south of Puerto Vallarta (2 different locations). The cost of the extension is $700 US. You pay your own RV parks after the normal tour and it will include 3 extra tours (Tequila & Guastecomate pyramids, Zacetecas and Durango) . This group will view the Eclipse in Durango and do a fairly quick exit afterwards.

Copper Canyon & Colonial Mexico (end of January)

This group will also go to Durango for the eclipse and do a fairly quick exit afterwards.

Note: All exits are technically via Nogales, but we will look at a possible Texas exit via Zacetecas-Saltillo-Laredo as well after the eclipse if enough people want it. Only those viewing in Durango will have this option.

3 Gems Airstream (mid january)

This caravan follows a similar itinerary to the Colonial, except it also includes Mazatlan Carnival. Officially it will view the eclipse in Mazatlan, but there should be an option to go to Durango. Exit will be a quick one after the eclipse.

Spring Baja (mid february)

This is planned to run mid Feb. for36 days. We are planning an option to cross on the ferry for the eclipse. A quick exit afterwards or you can join the Copper Canyon option if there is space available. NOTE that the ferry is nor cheap

Airstream Baja (mid February)

This will run very close to Spring Baja with the same options. We will combine these 2 groups down south and re-shuffle depending on whether they want a ferry option or not.

Please note that there will be some dry camping around the eclipse date.

Yucatan is close to full, the 16 and 18 day standalone options are close to full, the 24 day Copper Canyon exit has a fair bit of space.

Durango Options

On most trips that are not scheduled to go to Durango, anyway, you may option to go to Durango. The surcharge for that is $300 USD and the toll highway is spectacular, but not cheap. One of the reasons for the surcharge is it will be a separate led trip and we will have to pay for unused space in Mazatlan RV parks to ensure you have space before and after heading for Durango. If we do offer a Texas exit which is likely, you will have to choose this option. obviously you cannot be on the Copper Canyon exit. This option will be mainly for people on Yucatan, Copper Canyon Extension, Colonial or 3 Gems.

Texas exit option

If we do offer a Texas exit which is likely, you will have to choose this option. Obviously you cannot be on the Copper Canyon exit. This option will be mainly for people on Yucatan, Copper Canyon Extension, Colonial or 3 Gems.



Our pricing is in US dollars. Canadians can pay in equivalent Canadian at the going book rate (no buy-sell hit). We discount 3% for Cash, Check or Canadian e-transfers. previous customer discounts range are 5 or 10% depending on which trip you previously took. Single discounts are $150 for the stand alone trips, $250 for Copper Canyon or Baja trips, $400 for Colonial and $750 for Yucatan.

Canadians who paid deposits on trips in 2023 (not the April standalones) are still under our old pricing scheme if it is to their advantage.

Pricing is set for Jan 2023. There will be a 5% increase May 1st and probably another 5% in October. Prices have been rising in Mexico, about 15% over 2023, so we are forced to raise our prices. We are giving people an opportunity to lock in lower prices by making a deposit. We will warn those who have not, to do so before an upcoming increase.

The prices below are based on our default trip lengths. Due to scheduling we may have to increase the days slightly or reduce them slightly. We do that on the basis of $25 US per day

Yucatan: $12,599 plus $300 for quick exit, $3000 for 16 day including Copper Canyon exit. Those who signed up in 2023 are paying less than $12,599.

Colonial: $10,699 based on 72 days

Copper Canyon: $5,699 plus $700 for extension

3 Gems (Airstream): $12,000 . Note this includes Mazatlan Carnival which adds some costs.

Spring Baja and/or Airstream Baja: $4699 based on 36 day return to US. Ferry and extra days on each side are additional TBD

Stand alone 16 day: $2800 ($150 single discount)

Stand alone 18 day: $2950 ($150 single discount)

Stand alone 24 Day (Copper Canyon): $4950 ($150 single discount)



Trip shifting is permissible if available. We constantly get people dropping out asking for a deposit refund. This kills the whole idea of a deposit. We will allow you to shift deposits and any other payments ahead a season often without penalty, depending on when you request it. No other company does that, but we do. You may also find a substitute and make a private arrangement. Beyond that, we cannot return deposits. Keep in mind that with the eclipse demand we are having to pay a lot of RV parks a year in advance, that cannot be refunded to us. Payments are refundable according to our schedule found in our terms. We do advise you purchase trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. Details may be found at We will provide appropriately dated receipts if you require them.


Web Pages (note some are not yet updated)


Copper Canyon:



Spring Baja: (note to be updated by Feb. 15)

Airstream trips:

Stand Alone April trips:


Signing up


For all trips EXCEPT Airstream, go to

For Airstream trips go to


You are only guaranteed a space IF YOU PAY A DEPOSIT. This is no rush for a month or 2 for Airstream, Baja, Copper Canyon or Colonial or the April 24 day stand alone tour, and we will warn you if they are filling.

For Yucatan, 16 or 18 day standalone I highly advise making a deposit. Those who made 1/2 deposits on stand alone trips previously need to up those deposits by $350 US or $500 Canadian to retain them after Mar 1st. The link to do that is Mexico RV Caravan Deposits (




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