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Newsletter #26 May 18, 2023

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Some informtion updates and updates on the April 8th total Solar Eclipse



I apologize

I returned from Mexico in mid March and have been dealing with very sick parents ever since. I have no had time to produce a newsletter, so this one will largely be an update of the previous one, plus some other information.

RV Lifestyle Seminars

These are held 3rd weekend in June at Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC. this is a certified RV Tech training facility. Well worth it for anyone who owns an RV. You will learn how to troubleshoot fridges, water heaters, slides, etc, Plus many other interesting courses including RVing in Mexico. This about a 1.5 hour drive north of the US border at Oroville. Prices are in Canadian dollars which is about 75 cents US. I will be there. It includes dry camping for friday, saturday, and sunday night (washrooms and showers available) There is a wine & cheese on Friday eve, entertainment on Saturday and a buffet dinner on Sunday. You will find a description and links here: The RV Owners Lifestyle Seminars are Back June 23-26, 2023 - SunCruiser (


We have had several reports of roadblocks in Sinaloa where they inspect your rig for money. These are usually men not in uniform. It seems they are FGR agents which are the equivalent of the IRS. They are not interested in Mexican currency, only US. They are not all honest, so be careful and do not carry large amounts of cash with you. They are looking for money to be laundered. They do not seem to bother caravans, but can bother individual travelers.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices currently range between $4.70 and $5.15 USD per gallon. Or $1.68 to $1.83 Canadian per liter. These are a lot higher than in the US and even higher than Canada. The strong peso is not helping.

Prices in general

Prices of everything have gone up in Mexico, by at least 15% since last year. Food and everything is more expensive. This is why we were forced to raise our prices, as our expenses are in Pesos.

Solar Eclipse

This occurs on April 8th, 2024 and most of our caravans are timed for it, and we also have some stand-alone trips. They are almost full. We still have room on our Copper Canyon (with extension), Colonial and Baja trips. There is also space on a 24 day trip including Copper Canyon in April. We are likely running an Airstream caravan which exits before the eclipse, but we can probably make arrangements for anyone on that caravan to remain behind in Mazatlan and exit with another group if they do not want to miss it.

We are looking at a beach oriented trip in April that would have a 10 day beach stay in Mazatlan after the eclipse. If we implement that one, those on existing trips have the first chance to swap over.

This is the last total solar eclipse over North America until 2045, and it is a long one. Areas on its path in the US and Canada have a 50% chance of clear skies at best. It is 80% in Mexico. A total eclipse is a spiritual experience and many who experience one, spend the next decades chasing them all over the planet.

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