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The Yucatan-All Mexico Loop

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Price $10,250 USD or $13500 Canadian

Join us for this trip of a lifetime with our 3 month "whole Mexico loop" in the Spring of 2020. We will explore Mexico's Colonial Interior then head for the Caribbean coast and the Yucatan, exploring both well known Mayan sites and many that tourists seldom visit, like the remote - impressive ruins at Calakmul, near the Guatemalan border. All your RV parks are covered, plus many meals & tours. We will end the trip with some relaxing beach stays on the west coast.

We will cruise on Lake Bacalar, sometimes referred to as the Maldives of the Americas, swim in jungle rivers & sink holes, witness thousands of bats emerge from a cave at sunset and observe strange religious practices in the highlands of Chiapas. We will stay at an orphanage in Chiapas. On our last trip we raised enough money to supply it with an extra fridge and a washing machine. We will visit one of only two petrified waterfalls on the planet and enjoy west coast beaches.

In San Patricio Melaque, we will witness what may be the best St Patrick's festival in the world (according to some Irish web sites), with a fireworks display that needs to be seen to be believed. The 2020 Yucatan Caravan leaves Mission, Texas on Jan 5th, 2020 (border crossing) and returns via Lukeville, Az the first couple of days in April. Wagon Masters will be Mike & Louise Bacque who led our Airstream trip in 2019


28 Guided tours
32 High Quality Meals
3 nights at Quality hotels
Wagon Master & Green Angels (like AAA)
Assistance with border paperwork
All Entrance Fees
All RV Park Fees
Music, margaritas, wine at parties & more
An email from the Wagon Masters for this trip: 

Allow us to introduce ourselves as the Wagon Masters for the Yucatan 2020 Caravan. We are writing to both those who have confirmed their participation and those who may still be uncertain. We are Michel (Mike) & Louise Bacque.

We were participants of the Yucatan 2018 Caravan and enjoyed it tremendously. This led us to want more of Mexico and leading caravans in Mexico was the most enjoyable way for us. This past winter, we led our first caravan for 56 days through colonial cities such as Durango, Zacatecas and Guanajuato then along the Pacific Coast. This was a Wally Byam Airstream Club caravan, the first return of the club to Mexico in 30 years. By all accounts, this caravan was a huge success and enjoyed by all. In fact, the club has agreed to have Caravanas de Mexico to host additional tours with two planned for 2020. Previous to our 2018 caravan adventure, we have traveled in Baja Mexico and the Yukon and Alaska. We have completed four years of full-time RV living and have yet to miss our sticks and bricks home. In the summers, we manage a 90 site campground in Squamish, BC, Canada.

The Yucatan Caravan is quite an adventure incorporating the best of colonial cities, Mayan ruins, beaches, mountains, and the vibrant cities of Mexico City and Oaxaca. There is simply no comparison when travelling as part of a caravan to experience a country as unique as Mexico. In fact, Mexico has 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites more than anywhere else in the Americas of which we will visit 12 in this caravan tour. One of the reasons we initially chose Caravanas de Mexico was the number of tours on their program. The Yucatan caravan has 28 guided tours. Gabriel Romero, the company owner, is himself an accredited tour guide and selects only the most knowledgeable guides for his tours. In fact, our guide in the colonial city of Zacatecas is a university history professor. Gabriel also selects the better coaches and vans for his tours and the best restaurants for meals. You won’t ever go hungry in Mexico nor our the tours. After a tour day, we are often simply too full to even want another meal. Dining is Mexico is so reasonable (a couple can dine with drinks for under $20), that some participants don’t even cook their own meals during the entire caravan. With 32 meals on this caravan, not only will you experience the best of each regions cuisine but, last season Gabriel introduced cooking lessons on his tours. Everyone enjoyed this experience and it is surely to form part of future caravans. A caravan provides the unique opportunity to see and experience the real Mexico as compared to booking an all-inclusive ocean side resort and seeing a westernized version of a country. We visit city and town markets; Mayan ruins that are deep in the jungle and seldom visited by most tourists; swim in cenotes (natural groundwater limestone sinkhole / pools); swim in cascading natural pools; enjoy a boat ride on a lake dotted with varied depth cenotes which gives the lake 7 hues of blue; visit a Monarch Butterfly Bio-Reserve at 10,300 feet elevation in a mountain forest; visit a 600 year old mineral mine which in present day has it’s own discotheque; stay and visit an orphanage which in 2018 we helped and supported with goodwill donations and minor repairs; visit a Tequila distillery; take in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations; watch thousands of bats exit a cave at dusk time feeding; attend a folkloric ballet at the Mexico National Art Centre; among lots of other interesting sights and experiences.

Gabriel employs the services of the Green Angels throughout most of the 9,000 km caravan. Green Angels are like a roving AAA (US) / CAA (Canada) vehicle breakdown service for tourists. They follow the caravan throughout various state jurisdictions and are ready to assist should we experience any breakdowns. One of the participants this past season had a faulty fuel pump during our climb of the Durango highway from sea level to 9,000 feet in elevation. The Green Angels were able to remedy the matter quickly with some old-school ingenuity and we were all on our way. As they also have quasi-police powers, they are able to direct the caravan through busy intersections by stopping traffic when necessary.

As of this writing, we will have a participant who is fluent in Spanish and has agreed to provide translation services and lessons. As he’s interested in leading future caravans, he will essentially be in training and will be a tremendous asset to the caravan tour.

When travelling as a caravan, we are in direct communication with all participants through the use of GMRS radios and cell phones. Both are mandatory to have and use when on the caravan. These enable the group to manage turns, traffic, deviations, any rough roads, breakdowns, etc. We travel together, single file, keeping safe distances between one another throughout the duration of the caravan. The likelihood of getting lost is slim however, with radios and cell phones we manage to get through the most challenging of driving conditions through urban areas. 

We have never experienced any instances of feeling anymore unsafe in Mexico in comparison to traveling in Canada and the USA. In fact, we have had many people stop and thank us for visiting their country and literally offering to assist us in anyway possible. One of our participants this past season had a brake caliber dragging on their travel trailer. We stopped the caravan at the roadside and a police vehicle came by. While some questioned if we were in trouble, the police inquired how they could help and within five minutes had returned with a mechanic who had a shop within two blocks of where we had stopped. While we waited roadside for the repairs to be completed, a fluent English speaking man who was selling hay, handed out his business cards as he also operated a tour bus and literally opened his arms out to assist us in any way possible. Another example of Mexican hospitality is when the Governor of the state of Sinaloa heard through local print media that an Airstream caravan was travelling through his state, he directed a police escort for the caravan through his state. While not necessary, we certainly felt privileged to have been provided this service. 

We remain at your service now and until after we go our separate ways in April 2020. Should you have any questions about the Yucatan caravan or any other caravan offered by Caravanas de Mexico, please don’t hesitate to write us. For those who have secured their spot, we will communicate with you again in the fall. We may do a face-to-face Skype or FaceTime meeting to go over several key points and procedures pertaining to documentation, equipment, etc.. to assist you in your preparations.

For those who have yet to secure their spot we also remain at your service to answer any questions.

Michel & Louise Bacque (note if you wish to contact Michel & Louise, send us a note via our contact form and we will put you touch)

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Yucatan Wagon Masters
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Fuel Stop
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El Tajin
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Jungle River swim
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Petrified Waterfalls
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Monte Alban
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Monarch Reserve
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Happy Hour
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Tight with Cows
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Down the Mine
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Tour Bus
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Beachside RV
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Approximate Yucatan route.

Itinerary  Download PDF





Jan 3,4

Mission West RV park is covered for 2 nights.


Jan 5

Welcome dinner


Jan 6,7,8

City, El Eden mine, La Quemada ruins


Jan  9,10,11

City, eve minstrels

San Miguel de Allende

Jan 12 (from Guanajuato)

City tour


Jan 13,14,15

Monarch Butterflies

Tepotzotlan / Mexico City

Jan 16,17,18

 2 day City tour - overnight hotel

The Emerald coast

Jan 19, 20,21

El Tajin ruins tour


Jan 22, 23,24

City tour


Jan 25,26,27

Lake tour


Jan 28

Olmec heads? Possibly on second visit below instead

Isla Aguada

Jan  29, 30,31

Dolphin tour


Feb 1,2,3

City tour


Feb 4,5



Feb 6,7,8

City tour & free day

Chichen Itza

Feb 9,10

Ruins + Cenote


Feb 11,12,13,14

Xcaret Cenote day


Feb  15,16,17,18

Lake Bacalar tour


Feb 19, 20 dry camping

Ruins & Bat cave


Feb 21,22,23

Ruins & swimming


Feb 24

Overnight (Olmec heads?)

Hogar Orphanage

Feb 25,26

Near Tuxla Guitierez

San Cristobal / Canyon Sumidero

Feb 27,28, 29

Canyon Sumidero, San Cristobal de las Casas tours, hotels

Hogar Orphanage

Mar 1



Mar 2

Dry camp


Mar 3,4,5,6

City tours, Monte Alban ruins, petrified waterfall

Teotihuacan (Mexico City)

Mar 7,8

Ruins tour


Mar 9,10,11

Copper tour

Villa Corona

Mar 12,13, 14

Guachimontones Ruins & Heradurra tequila plant


Mar 15,16,17,18

St Patrick's celebrations

Lo de Marcos

Mar 19, 20,21,22

San Blas tour


Mar 23,24

Beach day


Mar 25, 26,27,28

Country tour

Los Mochis

Mar 29



Mar 30,31

Beach day

San Carlos

April 1

Farewell meal


April 2


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