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The Yucatan-All Mexico Loop Jan 5 - Apr 5, 2023

Note: This trip is full with a wait list as of May 15, 2022

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 Join us for this trip of a lifetime with our 3 month "whole Mexico loop" in the Spring of 2023. We will explore Mexico's Colonial Interior then head for the Caribbean coast and the Yucatan, exploring both well known Mayan sites and many that tourists seldom visit, like the remote - impressive ruins at Calakmul, near the Guatemalan border. All your RV parks are covered, plus many meals & tours. We will end the trip with some relaxing beach stays on the west coast.We will cruise on Lake Bacalar, sometimes referred to as the Maldives of the Americas, swim in jungle rivers & sink holes, witness thousands of bats emerge from a cave at sunset and observe strange religious practices in the highlands of Chiapas. We will stay at an orphanage in Chiapas. On our last trip we raised enough money to supply it with an extra fridge and a washing machine. We will visit one of only two petrified waterfalls on the planet and enjoy west coast beaches. The Yucatan Caravan meets in Mission, Texas on Jan 4th, 2023 (border crossing) and returns via Lukeville, Az the end of the first week in April. 

Included: 28 Guided tours (approx at this time) 32 High Quality Meals (approx at this time) 3 nights at Quality hotelsWagon Master & Green Angels (like AAA) Assistance with border paperwork, All Entrance Fees,All RV Park Fees.Music, margaritas, wine at parties & more

Mexico RV Caravan - Pemex
Fuel Stop
Mexico RV Caravan - Veracruz
Mexico RV Caravan - Wagon Masters
Mexico RV Caravan - Campeche
Mexico RV Caravan - El Tajin
El Tajin
Mexico RV Caravan - Palenque
Mexico RV Caravan - Chiapas
Jungle River swim
Mexico RV Caravan - Oaxaca
Petrified Waterfalls
Mexico RV Caravan - Monte Alban
Monte Alban
Mexico RV Caravan - Monarchs
Monarch Reserve
Mexico RV Caravan - Happy Hour
Happy Hour
Mexico RV Caravan - Pueblas
Tight with Cows
Mexico RV Caravan - Zacetecas
Down the Mine
Mexico RV Caravan - Tour bus
Tour Bus
Mexico RV Caravan - Beach
Beachside RV
Mexico RV Caravan - Mexico Map

Approximate Yucatan route.

2023 Yucatan Route. Day by Day document to follow soon. Subject to changes.


Day Location Info Tentative Dates


Mission, Texas

Meet in afternoon, cross border next morning

Jan 5

Day 1


Welcome Dinner

Jan 6

Day 2,3,4



Jan 7,8,9
Day 5,6,7,8 Guanajuato Tours + San Miguel Allende Jan 10,11,12, 13
Day 9,10,11,12

Mex City

Tours + Taxco

Jan 14,15,16,17
Day 13,14,15

Emerald Coast


Jan 18,19, 20
Day 16,17



Jan 21,22
Day 18 Villahermosa


Jan 23
Day 19, 20,21,22 Isla Aguada Beach Jan 24,25,26,27
Day 23,24,25 Campeche. Tour Jan 28,29,30
Day 26,27 Uxmal Tour Jan 31, Feb 1
Day 28,29 Piste

Chichen itza

Feb 2,3
Day 30, 31,32,33 Paamul Tours Feb 4,5,6,7
Day 34,35,36, 37 Chetumal Tours Feb 8,9,10,11
Day 38,39 Calakmul Tours Feb 12,13
Day 40,41,42,43 Palenque Tours Feb 14,15,16,17
Day 44. Villhermosa Tour, overnight Feb 18
Day 45,46, 47, 48, 49 Hogar Orphanage Bus Tours to San Cristobal Feb 19,20,21,22,23
Day 50 Santa Maria Jalapas Overnight Feb 24
Day 51,52,53,54 Oaxaca Tours Feb 25,26,27,28
Day 55 Puebla Overnight Mar 1
Day 56,57 Teotihuacan Tour Mar 2,3
Day 58,59 Maravatio Monarch butterflies Mar 4,5
Day 60,61,62,63 Patzcuaro Tours Mar 6,7,8,9
Day 64,65,66,67 Villa Corona Tours Mar 10,11,12,13
Day 68,69,70,71 Boca Beach Beach Mar 14,15,16,17
Day 72,73,74,75 Lo de Marcos Tour, Beach Mar 18,19,20,21
Day 76,77,78 Teacapan Beach Mar 22,23,24
Day 79,80,81,82 Mazatlan Tours Mar 25,26,27,28
Day 83,84,85 Guasave Beach Mar 29,30,31
Day 86,87 Huatabampito Beach April 1,2
Day 88 San Carlos Farewell Meal April 3
Day 89 Rancho Betania Overnight April 4
Day 90 Nogales or Lukeville Border April 5

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