Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Safety of our customers is our prime concern. This is why we canceled trips during Covid.

This is nearly always the first question we are asked. Is it safe? Well I have now spent over 10 winters in Mexico, both leading caravans and traveling solo, and I have never had, nor seen, a problem. On the other hand, I was 1 block away in Tucson when Congresswoman Gifford was shot. So there is some perspective.

The point is you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, anywhere. I am not going to try and sanitize the issues in Mexico, but most of the violence is centered around drugs. They do not seem to have the random sort of stuff like a nut job shooting out of a hotel room in Las Vegas into a Country Music concert, and the sort of thing we see a lot of in the United States. Even in Canada, people were mowed down on a city street in Toronto in 2018. I spent the last 2 summers in Europe, and I felt a lot less safe there than I do in Mexico.

I did not work 30 years to spend my retirement on the couch watching the National Geographic Channel. In my opinion, Mexico is safe as long as you stay away from drugs, people who deal them, and areas they hang out. That includes bars & nightclubs.

You are certainly safer in a caravan group, regardless. We avoid trouble spots and we stay in secure RV parks for the most part. If we are forced to boondock, we do our best to arrange security. We have had no incidents so far with customers and we intend to keep it that way

The chart below compares the 10 most violent US cities with Mexico and other countries which have a bad rap. Perspective.

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