Mexico RV Caravan Tours

Mexico RV Caravan Tours


This page contains videos of our trips, mainly produced by customers

Yucatan 2022

This series of Vlogs were produced by Angie & Ronda, customers on our 2022 caravan. To say they are excellent, is an understatement. They also expose all of our warts. This route is our toughest and our longest. We have done 6 trips on it, 3 of them led by myself. This season had the most mishaps, including a bad accident (involving our co-wagon master), and a serious breakdown. On top of that a serious windstorm that we have never, ever experienced previously. Nothing like that on the previous trips, it was just the way the chips fell on this one. On a previous trip we had to avoid a hurricane, but we had enough warning to avoid it. In many ways, however, it should make people realize than not everything goes smoothly, and having the right attitude makes all the difference. The point to make here is that as a Mexican based company we have the resources on hand to resolve issues. A vast network of bilingual tour guides to stay with a customer, if necessary, resources with officials and the police, and we can deal in Spanish. No other company comes close to having our resources, which instills a lot of confidence in our customers.

Most other companies, if not all, will only show you the good stuff, and not mention how they handle potential problems. We are honest about what to expect and most of our customers appreciate that. Covid also created challenges, although nobody got it. I should point out that this trip had 3 repeat customers, one of them doing the same route in their 5th wheel for the second time. Our other routes in Baja and the northern half of Mexico are far easier. This one has a lot of dry camping, and you have to be prepared for that. We are very glad the girls produced these videos as it is the best way to prepare people for this particular route. On the plus side, it is the most interesting route we run as you will see in these videos. Unfortunately, the girls had to cut their trip a bit short due to a death in their family. Fortunately close to trip end. Dwight and Cathy who had the truck issues, had to have it flat-bedded back to the US, and accompanied them. I hate to invoke superstition, but another couple on this trip with a Truck and Camper just had the frame on their truck fail in Baja in December 2022. As former president of the North American Truck Camper Association, I have actually seen that before, never before on a 1 ton dually, but it does still make me a bit superstitious. Considering the accident and breakdown on this trip, hearing of the mishap of another customer, albeit a year later, is ironic. We are certainly hoping for a return to an incident free trip in 2023 and 2024.

Preparation. View larger

Crossing border. Mission to Saltillo. View larger

Saltillo to Zacetecas. View larger

Zacetecas to Guanajuato. View larger

Guanajuato to Mexico City. View larger

Mexico City to Monte Gordo. View larger

Monte Gordo to Veracruz. View larger

Veracruz to Isla Aguada. View larger

Mayan pyramids Uxmul, Chichen itza. View larger

Piste to Paamul View larger

Paamul to Chetamul View larger

Chetamul to Calakmul View larger

Calakmul to Palenque View larger

Palenque to Villahermosa View larger

Villahermosa to Hogar Pt 1 View larger

Villahermosa to Hogar Pt 2 View larger

Teotihuacan to Patzcuaro View larger

Lo de Marcos to Border View larger

 Hogar to Oaxaca View larger

Patzcuaro to Boca Beach View larger

 Oaxaca to Teotihuacan View larger

Boca Beach to Lo de Marcos View larger