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Copper Canyon-Colonial City

NOTE: This trip is planned to start on Jan 18th and includes Mazatlan Carnival.. This trip will run mid January 2024. The route is different for the last part, due to it needing to take in the April total solar eclipse in Durango. We have to update the number of tours and meals, but they should be the same, or more, than last season. Occasionally we have to do some modifications. This trip will be about 84 days long, depending on Copper Canyon train schedules and will include the April 8th eclipse. Arizona or Texas exit options

23 Guided tours 
28 High Quality Meals (probably more - TBD)
6 Nights at Quality hotels 
Wagon Master & Green Angels (like AAA)
Assistance with border paperwork
Train to Copper Canyon - Round Trip
All Entrance Fees
All RV Park Fees
Music, margaritas, wine at parties & more

Copper Canyon Tour Page
Mexico RV Caravan - Toll Roads
Typical Toll Road
Mexico RV Caravan - Teotihuacan
Mexico RV Caravan - ATV
ATV Trip (optional)
Mexico RV Caravan - Taxco
Mexico RV Caravan - RV Park
RV Parks
Mexico RV Caravan - Guanajuato
Strange Museums
Mexico RV Caravan - beaches
Beachside Camping
Mexico RV Caravan - Airstream Caravan
Worlds second highest bridge
Mexico RV Caravan -Monarchs
Monarch Reserve
Mexico RV Caravan - Tequila
Tequila Tour
Mexico RV Caravan - San Miguel de Allende
Exotic Cuisine
Mexico RV Caravan - Colima Volcana
Eruptions (maybe)
Mexico RV Caravan - Mazatlan
Mexico RV Caravan - Mazamitla
Mexico RV Caravan - Melaque

Please note, the map has not yet been updated for 2024, the route is diferent.

Mexico RV Caravan - Mexico Map

Approximate Colonial route.

This trip may be a few days longer due to train schedules, 84 days estimate

Note we are looking at Rancho Bugamvillas south of Manzanillo on the coast instead of Melaque for March 24-31. We are checking it out this spring and will decide.

TENTATIVE SHEDULE. Please note that dates close to the start can be tentative due to train schedule changes. This may add or subtract 3 or 4 days and affect price accordingly
Day Location Info Tentative Dates


Nogales, Az

Meet in afternoon, cross border next morning

Jan 18

Day 1

Santa Ana

Potluck and Bonfire

Jan 19

Day 2,3

San Carlos

Totonaka RV Park, Welcome Dinner tours next day

Jan 20,21

Day 4,5


Beach stay

Jan 22,23
Day 6,7 Alamos Tours Eve walk around with muscicians Jan 24,25
Day 8,9

El Fuerte

Eve El Zorro Show

Jan 26,27
Day 10, 11, 12, 13

Copper Canyon

All inclusive 4 day tour

Jan 28,29, 30,31
Day 14

El Fuerte


Feb 1
Day 15,16,17 Las Glorias

Beach stay

Feb 2,3,4
Day 18,19 Celestino Beach Feb 5,6
Day 20-28 Mazatlan. Beach stay / Carnival Feb 7-15
Day 29,30 Durango Tour Feb 16,17
Day 31,32,33 Zacetecas


Feb 18,19,20
Day 34-37 Guanajuato Tours plus San Miguel de Allenede Feb 21 - 24
Day 38,39,40 Patzcuaro Tours Feb 25, 26,27
Day 41 -48 Mexico City/Taxco Tours Feb 28 - Mar 6
Day 49,50 Maravatio Monarch Butterflies Mar 7,8
Day 51 - 55 Villa Corona Tour (Tequila, Pyramids) Mar 9 - 13
Day 56 - 64 Boca beach Tour (Tequila, Pyramids) Mar 14 - 22
Day 65- 73 Rancho Buganvillas Beach Mar 23 - 31
Day 74,75 Roca Azul Near Guadalajara April 1,2
Day 76,77 Zacatecas Overnightt April 3,4
Day 78,79 Durango Hotsprings April 5, 6
Day 80,81 Guadalupe Aquilera ECLIPSE April 7, 8
Day 82 Celestino Overnight April 9
Day 83 Celestino Overnight April 10
Day 84 Los Mochis Overnight April 11
Day 85 San Carlos Farewell meal April 12
Day 86 Border USA April 13

Optional Texas Exit

Day Location Info Tentative Dates
Day 82 Durango Overnight April 9
Day 83 Zacatecas Overnight April 10
Day 84 Saltillo Overnight April 11
Day 85 Border USA April 12

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