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Newsletter # 12 Dec 10th, 2019

NOTE: If you are responding to the email of Feb 16th, I accidentally made a mistake in the link in the email you received. If you are seeing this page, the latest is actually Newsletter #13. Click Here


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Caravans available for 2020

Copper Canyon/Maztalan Jan 20th from Nogales (meet at Desert Diamond Casino off I-19 on Jan 19th)

Colonial City/Copper Canyon Jan 20th from Nogales (meet at Desert Diamond Casino off I-19 on Jan 19th)

Yucatan = Full

Airstream 60 day - Full

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Caravans available for 2021

Copper Canyon



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Over the next few issues I will be featuring RV Parks. In this issue I feature Roca Azul, near Guadalajara & Hotel Mirador in Huatabampito, Sonora


Roca Azul:




Roca Azul is one of 4 RV parks in the Guadalajara area and the largest. It is located just south of the town of Jocotepec on the western shore of Lake Chapala. Many improvements have been made recently to this park, including the addition of high speed fibre internet. This park offers "Free Caravans" down to it if you agree to stay there for 2 months. They do not escort you back, but arrangements can be made with Caravanas de Mexico to escort you back for a price in March. Contact myself at [email protected] if you want an escort back. The park has full hookups (30 amp) and probably the best water pressure in Mexico. Use a regulator. It has one thermal pool and huge non thermal pool. It also has laundry facilities, showers and a restaurant. The park is extremely secure. It also offers RV storage in the off season. English is spoken.

You can access the park from the highway that circles the south shore of Lake Chapala (Hwy 15). It is quite easily accessible from the new Guadalajara bypass

Co-ordinates W 103.42333 N 20.26639

Call: +52 3310431768
Or send an email: [email protected]  


Hotel Mirador :




This RV Park is one of my favourites and I always stop here southbound. It is a bit of a haul off the toll highway (15D) from the town of Navajoa. However if you are headed southbound, you can take a shortcut directly east to intercept highway again well south of Navajoa. The park has an excellent seafood restaurant and the owners are family to me. It has full hookups although the water pressure is poor. There is WiFi. The beach is hard packed and easily walked, and the ocean is very calm.


Highways Report:

I drove from Nogales to Guadalajara in November. The highway to San Carlos is in excellent condition, there is still rough pavement between Culliacan & Mazatlan. The toll highway from Mazatlan to Guadalajara is also in good condition. The new bypass around Hermosillo is open and it saves considerable time between Nogales & San Carlos.



My partner is spending this month developing a route and program for Baja Caravans to start in Spring 2021. These will be run in both English & French. A new website has been established for these caraavns. It is Check it in late January for more information.


Mexican RV Dealer:

There is a new RV dealer in the Mexico City area. They appear to sell a range of RV's, and seem to be selling RV supplies. I don't know a lot about them, but here is their web site Hopefully we can find out more about them and what they can supply.






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