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Newsletter # 13 Feb 17th, 2020


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I apologize for the short newsletter. I am in Mexico until Mid April and the WiFi in this RV Park leaves a lot to be desired.


Caravans available for 2021

We have still not set all the schedules for 2021 Caravans. I can tell you there will be a 90 day Yucatan-all Mexico loop in the first week of January leaving Mission Texas and exiting at Nogales, Arizona. The price will be $11,175 US or $14,900 Canadian. That is per rig (2 people). There will also be a 30 day Copper Canyon Mazatlan trip probably leaving the second week in January from Nogales. Price will be $5199 US or $6899 Canadian. If we can get 7 rigs we will run 35 day extension to this trip through Colonial Mexico and up the west coast as we are doing in 2020.

An Airstream Caravan is running from the end of January to the end of March. Copper Canyon and Colonial Mexico. This is booked through the Airstream club, e-mail Michel Bourassa at [email protected] for info on that one.

We are planning a Baja Caravan as well.

We hope to have all details finalized by mid March at the latest. You may express interest in any of these trips on our booking page (see Book Link on Navigation bar above). Do not pay any deposit until we have dates finalized.


Changes to Tourist Visa's & Vehicle Permits

Apparently you can no longer exit mexico and get another consecutive 180 day visa. The rumor is there will now be a 90 day waiting period. That should have no effect on most of us. If you obtain a vehicle permit on line, according to new reports you will no longer get a window sticker, its all electronic. I am not yet certain how this will work, but here is an article on it:


Tires in Mexico

I found out the hard way (2 blowouts) that some tires are still almost impossible to find in Mexico. Namely E Class truck tires and trailer tires. Neither Amazon, nor Tire Rack would ship into Mexico. I think they used to but it may have something to do with the trade war. I had a caravan bring me down 2. If you have this happen to you and you are really stuck, there is a tire store in Nogales with a branch on either side of the border that will ship US tires to you. More expensive, but if you are stuck, you are stuck. It's Alex Tires. E-Mail [email protected]


Amazon Mexico

I used Amazon Mexico this year to have a few items delivered to me in an RV Park. It worked quite well, except they did not sell the aforementioned tires.





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