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These are our payment policies for 2025 trips (Credit card buttons at bottom of page)


You may pay by Credit Card, US Check, Canadian Check, Money Orders, Cash or Canadian E-transfers. There are 4 possible payments in total.

Failure to pay by due dates can result in your spot being given away and forfeiture of deposit. (transferable to another trip still)

1) Initial Deposit (please visit Deposit to make a deposit (new window). They are $1000 US or $1350 Canadian.

2) First Payment of approx 50% due by Mar 1st, 2024.

3) Second payment of approx 50% (minus $100 cash at border if you prefer)by Oct 15th, 2024.

4) Optional final payment of $1000 (approx) at the border in USD cash .

2% is deducted from the final payment for all previous payments not paid via Credit Card, including the final payment.

Checks or money orders must be received prior to March 1st or Oct 15th and postdated for those dates. Please let Paul at [email protected] know if they are in transit.

Checks should be made out to "France Chouinard", Money Orders to "Paul Beddows" . Canadian e-tranfers should be sent to [email protected]. Question is "who is your spouse" answer is "gabriel". When you send checks, money orders or etransfers, please send an email to Paul at [email protected] and let him know it is on the way.

Everybody will receive individual invoices for final payments close to departure


Current trip prices Mar 1, 2024 US Dollars.

Yucatan & Yucatan Roadtrek: $14,400

Copper Canyon: $6150

Copper Canyon and Colonial: $12150 (tentative to run)

Baja & Baja LTV: $5600


Payments for Copper Canyon extension if we run it is $700 USD extra is payable in cash to the wagon master.

Note the first payment is 1/2 the price less your deposit, in USD or equivalent Canadian. for example if the trip is $5600 USD then after teh $1000 depsoit, that is $4600, so teh first payment shoudk be 2300 USD or equivalent. The second paymne tcan be $2300 USD or $1300 USD with $1000 owing at the border.

If either payment is off by a bit, do not worry it will rectify with final paymenst or cash at the border.

Paying by Check: Note, Must arrive by Mar 1st, 2024 (first payment) or Oct 15 , 2024 (second payment).

You shoudl wrte "For Deposit Only" on checks.

If you wish to pay via check, US or Canadian, make it out to "France Chouinard" and mail it to

This US Address :

Paul Beddows #3964 (numbers are important)

115 Garfield St

Sumas, WA 98295

or this Canadian Address:

Paul Beddows

38-34959 Old Clayburn Road

Abbotsford, BC

V2S 6W7



Canadians may also use e-transfer. E-Transfer to [email protected]..Question "who is your spouse". Answer is "gabriel" . Be sure to send Paul an email to notify him at [email protected]

Our terms are at TERMS




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