Mexico RV Caravan Tours

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Some caravans require deposits right now, others do not: Here is the list. 50% payment is due in July.

Solar Eclipse April 2024: The Spring Yucatan or other long trips in 2024 will be timed to include this eclipse in Mazatlan, running a couple of weeks later than usual that year. We expect demand to be high so that is included in the form list. A deposit is required ASAP, if you want to ensure a serviced site. Dry camping will be available if not.

Copper Canyon Spring Jan 2020:Deposit required

Copper Canyon/Colonial Cities: Deposit required

Yucatan Spring 2020: Deposit required

Airstream 2020: Deposit required. Go to airstream.html 

Note: Final payments are invoiced individually as amounts differ due to things like single traveler discounts. That happens 120 days before departure. At that time you may be given an option to pay some in cash at the border for a discount.

TurĂ­stica Caramex SA de CV is  an alternate name for Caravanas de Mexico, they are legally interchangeable.

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