Mexico RV Caravan Tours

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Since some payments are non-refundable, we recommend taking out cancellation insurance. Information and links are on the "Prices" page. You may do this after paying if you wish.

Some caravans require deposits right now, others do not: Here is the list.

Solar Eclipse April 2024: The Spring Yucatan or other long trips in 2024 will be timed to include this eclipse in Mazatlan, running a couple of weeks later than usual that year. We expect demand to be high so that is included in the form list. No deposit required right now.

Copper Canyon Spring Jan 2020:Deposit required

Copper Canyon/Colonial Cities: Deposit required

Yucatan Spring 2020: Deposit required

Airstream 2020: Deposit required. Go to airstream.html  

Select your Deposit & Currency

Initial deposit on signup (US $750 or Cdn $1000)

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Initial Deposit Canadian dollars

First Payments. Amount varies with trip. We will inform you of when they are due (starting in July)

First Payment US Dollars (select trip from drop-down)

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