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Oct 2, 2022

NOTE: 2 spaces have come available on the 90 day Yucatan trip. Contact me at [email protected] if interested. 

We may have to cancel fall Baja. We had a couple of dropouts due to  the hirricane in Florida and it was a small number tyo start with. We will make a decision by Oct 7th

We have been forced to raise Canadian prices. They are now based on a 73 cent USD instead of a 78 cent USD where it was in May. This has meant a significant increase. We will honor the old price until Oct 7,2022. If the Canadian dollar goes up before departure, we ill lower the final payment accordingly. The Canadian dollar has also dropped a lot against the peso, which is why we had to raise the prices.

Spaces for "stand alone" trips to the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 are filling fast. See Eclipse. We will be asking for a second deposit on eclipse trips in late February 2023.

Our next trips will be November this year. Yucatan is full for the 2024 season.  Copper Canyon is full for this sesson, Spring Baja and Colonial have some spots.

Copper Canyon is  full, but  we may open a couple more slots if we cancel Fall Baja as we can utilize that trips Wagon Master to take extra rigs. The cheap long stay extension to this trip is popular.  The extension is 2 months and costs $300 US. You pay for your own RV parks on the extension. It will be a beach stay at Boca Beach and Melaque, and re-enter the US around April 1.

Please note that some trips may not be suitable for larger RV's. We will let you know. Note that if you have  a lien on your vehicle you may need a letter of permission from the lien holder. This is not needed for Baja trips, and if it does not show on your title or registration (You just need one, not both), do not worry about it.
This upcoming season we are offering: (See the Tours page for more for information.)

- A 35 day Fall Baja in November (possibly may be cancelled)
- A 36 day Spring Baja in January
- A 31 Day Copper Canyon-Mazatlan in January 
- A 65 day Colonial and Copper Canyon in January 
- A 92 day Yucatan all Mexico loop in January (full)
- Fall Baja / Spring Copper Canyon or Colonial  combo for $1000 Can or $800 US off the total price
- 2 month optional inexpensive beach extension to Copper Canyon

Airstream trips are canceled for this season, we are not sure if we will do them in future

For the 2023/2024 season we are adding:

- A long stay trip including gtreh Eclipse - likely Texas exit.
- Our Colonial trip will also include the eclipse also a Texas exit.
- Several stand alone Solar Eclipse trips in April

Please note that for the 2022 season, customers were required to be fully vaccinated against Covid. Our customers let us know loud and clear that they want us to enforce this. I realize some do not believe in vaccinations, and that is your right. This may be the case next season, but we have to look at the situation at that time. As of summer 2022, we still have, and anticipate a vaccination policy to be in place in 2023.

The sign up forms for this season and next may be found by clicking "Book Now" above.  Eclipse and Airstream caravans are booked at Eclipse or Airstream

It is not necesasary to pay a deposit for the 2023/2024 season until Jan 2023. However if the trip you want that season inlcudes the April 8 Solar Eclipse, it is advisdable to pay the smaller Eclipse deposit amount now, to secure your spot. The link is on payment page you are rediected to after filling out the form.

In 2024 we are planing an inexpensive add on to our regular Copper Canyon trip. This will likeley exit in Texas and also take in the April 8th total solar exclipse. This extension is also availble in 2023.

Please note that most trips are filling fast and some close to full.  A deposit is the only way to secure a spot. After that, there is a wait list. Paying a deposit protects you against any price increrases during the year and protects the US/Canadian exchange rate for Canadians.

Switching of trips after paying a deposit is permissible if space is available

There have recently been issues on our caravans concerning dogs, and that usually means the issue is actually with the owners.

There are people out there who should never go on a caravan, and you probably already know if you are one of those people.

We are formulating both rules around dogs and conduct of customers. They are works in progress, but you may view them below.



The Good, Bad & Ugly of a Mexican Caravan (we are honest about what to expect)

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