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Most 2024 trips are now closed

Updates Mar 1, 2024. Baja trips for 2025 are probably full. do not make a deposit until we tell you it is OK.

Most 2024 trips are full or closed. Contact Paul at [email protected] for information. We may be able to accomade a 2024 eclipse trip. contact me.

2025 trips will be Copper Canyon, Baja, Copper Canyon with extension, Colonial and Yucatan. There are 2 Baja LTV trips and one Yucatan Roadtrek. Dates are not yet set but will all be in January, except for Baja which is in February. Most should exit by March 31st, 2025

In 2025, we are running Club trips for the LTV club (Baja) and a  Roadtrek Club Yucatan trip
If interested in the Baja LTV, please contact Colleen at [email protected]. If interested in the Yucatan Roadtrek, contact Sam Hutkins at [email protected] Also fill out the booking form

NOTE:Covid restrictions are now lifted, but we do advise you get vaccinated.

The sign up forms for 2025 may be found by clicking "Book Now" above.  

Switching of trips after paying a deposit is permissible if space is available. We allow shifting deposits and payments to the following season, less any money we have paid in advance for reservations.

There have recently been issues on our caravans concerning dogs, and that usually means the issue is actually with the owners.

There are people out there who should never go on a caravan, and you probably already know if you are one of those people.

We are formulating both rules around dogs and conduct of customers. You may view them below.



The Good, Bad & Ugly of a Mexican Caravan (we are honest about what to expect)

Our new Customer Information Manual is now available for download HERE . Accessible after paying a deposit.

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