Mexico Caravans

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Most trips include April 8 Total Solar Eclipse

Updates May 19, 2023

NOTE:Covid restrictions are now lifted, but we do advise you get vaccinated.

There is now a separate Web Page for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse where you may see current vacanicies listed.. it is

The sign up forms for this season and next may be found by clicking "Book Now" above.  

If the trip you want includes the April 8 Solar Eclipse, it is highly advisable to pay the  deposit now, to secure your spot. Th e 17 day trip is now full. The 19 day trip has 5  slots.

Please note that most trips are filling fast and some close to full.  A deposit is the only way to secure a spot. After that, there is a wait list. Paying a deposit protects you against more price increases during the year.

Switching of trips after paying a deposit is permissible if space is available

There have recently been issues on our caravans concerning dogs, and that usually means the issue is actually with the owners.

There are people out there who should never go on a caravan, and you probably already know if you are one of those people.

We are formulating both rules around dogs and conduct of customers. You may view them below.



The Good, Bad & Ugly of a Mexican Caravan (we are honest about what to expect)

Our new Customer Information Manual is now available for download HERE . Accessible after paying a deposit.

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We are being forced to raise prices for the 2024 season.

1) Inflation has hit Mexico, as it has everywhere else. Restaurants, RV Parks, wages etc have risen over 15% this year. The minimum wage went up 25% and all employers now have to put employees, including domestics, onto social security (medical, etc) This has really jacked up our costs.

The Peso has gained a lot of strength against both the US and Canadian dollar. About 25%. We accept Canadian dollars at the going book exchange rate with the USD

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