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Travel  on one of our Mexican RV Caravan Tours to the Mainland or Baja, and you will be amazed at what you see. The real Mexico you never knew existed, rather than the resort version. Ancient pre-Columbian Civilizations, Colonial Cites, strange traditions - and of course, gorgeous beaches. We are a Mexican based RV Caravan company, and we are the ONLY RV Caravan company to be fully registered and certified by the Mexican Government to operate inside Mexico. We cover both Baja and the mainland. We do our own tours and do not use contractors, so you get much more value for your dollar.

We only use fully qualified, trained and registered tour guides, not ad hoc tours led by the Wagon Master.  Some are Phd's in history and/or archaeology and all are fully bilingual or trilingual in English, Spanish & French. We offer far more than any of our competitors can. It is not a case of "You get what you pay for", it's a case of you "You get far more for what you pay for".  No other Mexico RV Caravan company can compete with the value we can offer, which is why one major RV club uses our services exclusively.  All RV Parks (and some hotels) are included in our price, plus many tours and high quality meals. Starting in 2021 we are running caravans down Baja as well.

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Why take a Mexico RV Caravan?

If you have never been on an RV Caravan, maybe it's time to add this to your bucket list. What better way than to join an RV caravan to an exotic location. Most people have never taken their RV's to Mexico. They do not know what they are missing. A Mexican RV Caravan tour is a safe and great way to see the "Real Mexico". Many of our customers become hooked and return every year to a favorite RV Park. Caravanas de Mexico is the only company operating RV Caravans covering Baja and  all of Mainland Mexico (In English). 

An RV Caravan Tour to Mexico will be a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience. We have been operating RV Caravan Tours for many years, and have been the contractor for many other RV Caravan companies like Adventure & Fantasy. We are based in Mexico and we only serve Mexico. We know Mexico, because we live here. Our prices are about 25% lower than other companies and we offer a higher quality experience for your money. We have a vast network of government certified bilingual tour guides.

Clubs and French Groups

We have recently been chosen by the WBCCI Airstream Club to operate their Mexico RV Caravan tours.  We have done RV Caravan tours for Vagabundos del Mar. We are  willing to work with other RV Clubs. We also offer several RV Caravans in French.

Why choose us for your Mexican RV Caravan adventure?

There are many reasons to use us over our competitors for your Mexico RV Caravan. Our prices fall in the center range, but you have to keep in mind that we have one huge advantage, namely we are a Mexican Company and we have access to many services unavailable to other companies. We can operate on a total legal basis in the country and count on support of the Ministry of Tourism to deal with any issues that may arise. We can also deal with officials in Spanish.

We do not have to contract out parts of our operation to other companies in order to operate legally. We do not scrimp on meals, we source out the best options available in each location, and we also try to use the local tour guides with the best reputation. There are both reputable and fly by night Mexico RV Caravan operators out there. Some of them pad their tours by offering a lot, when in fact they are counting each stop on a day tour as a separate tour. If you see 40 tours offered on a 30 day trip, that is a dead giveaway. Some companies make you pay your own RV Park fee. RV parks in Mexico are no longer that cheap, so they can end up costing more than you may expect.

How we operate

We attempt to keep travel days as short as possible, but you do have to expect some longer days. We do not want to boondock in gas stations unless it becomes absolutely necessary. We want to make sure you are in a campground or RV Park at each stop. We will use the best one available at each location, but keep in mind that they will not all be up to US or Canadian standards. We do local tours at most of our stops, some are just beach stops, others include activities and local attractions. Remember this is Mexico, think of it as an adventure and you will have a great unique RV Caravan experience.

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